John Strother


The author spends the majority of his free time (it’s unpaid, so can’t get more free than that) consumed with bicycling and writing – although rarely at the same time. He’s currently working on the next book for his light-hearted series chronicling the antics At Trails End while cycling and exploring new recipes for future editions of his bicycling camp cookbook. 

Fortunately, no paid gigs risk interfering with his work.

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His Other Stuff...

A witty and sharp tale of big mayhem in a small town. ” of Richard Russo (or even Garry Trudeau) will enjoy this lighthearted sendup of Texas high schools. A chatty, satirical novel about the smallness of small towns." - Kirkus Reviews

High School sophomores and ZZ Top cover band The OutlawX is back striking fear in the tiny East Texas town of Trails End. Goatzilla, unsanctioned sausage fests, squirrels, and caviar. A grand festival indeed.