Gear Repair

Packing List - Gear Repair

With just a few items, cyclists are equipped to handle the majority of common problems with touring gear.

Tent & Sleeping Pad Repairs

The most common problem will be tears, rips, and punctures in tents and sleeping pads. I've had good luck with Gear Aid Tenacious Tape for repairing small cuts in my tent. Most sleeping pads come with a small repair kit - the key is checking out the pad before starting your tour to identify any slow leaks. REI provides advice on How to Patch & Repair a Sleeping Pad.

The next potential problem is snapping the shock cord in the tent poles. A replacement kit, plus a couple of extra tent stakes, and a loop of paracord should keep the tent up through the night.

General Repairs

I find that a bundle of cheap cable ties works great for minor repairs to bags/panniers/packs and racks. A travel sewing kit is handy for clothing rips, and what can't be fixed with Duct tape?

Resources has an extensive listing of articles for GEAR REPAIR, including care of your sleeping bag, repairing tents, and repairing seams.

Outside Magazine has their Extend the Life of Your Outdoor Gear with These Repair Tools Under $20, which also includes a link to an entire book on gear repair.

I did mention cable ties, didn't I? Very handy to have around as reiterated by MSR in OUTDOOR GEAR FIELD REPAIR 101: WHAT TO BRING AND WHY

Field & Stream's What to Pack in Your Backpacking Gear Repair Kit also includes a handy sewing kit (although their recommendation is nicer - my cheap kit came from Wal-Mart)